Grand Tetons National Park & Snake River


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This website is a companion to the second edition of Mountains and Plains: The Ecology of Wyoming Landscapes (Yale University Press, October 2014).  It provides a means by which readers can share information and ask questions.  So bring your field observations or the results of new research to our attention, send photos or website addresses that are helpful to you, and tell us about omissions or errors that we may have made.  As with the book, our goal is to provide a mid-level synthesis that is pertinent to the enjoyment and management of landscapes in the region.


  • Dennis Knight ( and Bill Reiners taught courses in ecology, ecosystem analysis, and forest management at the University of Wyoming for many years.  
  • Bill Romme did much the same at Fort Lewis College and Colorado State University, conducting most of his research in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 
  • George Jones is Associate Director of the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD)—Wyoming’s natural heritage program—and has focused on the ecology of wetlands, desert shrublands, and forests.